Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Sale

I hope you all had an EXCITING day yesterday on our big blog hop. If you missed it, it will continue this week although some of the freebies are only for a couple more days, so grab them fast! 

Today I wanted to let you know about the special I will be having in my TPT store on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Just e-mail me (found in my units) letting me know what you purchased, your user name, and what item of equal or less value of the smallest amount your purchased you would like for your freebie and I'll e-mail it right over to you!

I also wanted to share some of the items in my store, just in case you would like to load up your cart and get ready for the big sale tomorrow!!

Hang in a bit and you'll find another freebie to add with the one you got from my blog hop! 

Just click on each picture to go to that custom category in my TPT store.

 Back to School Classroom Themes

 Second Grade Common Core


Language Arts


And don't forget to check out my current FREEBIES!  Three of them have been in the TPT newsletter before!

And now for a little extra freebie!  Just click on the picture to download!

 What are you waiting for?  Go load up your cart from my store and all of your favorite stores and be reading to save BIG tomorrow with this code:  



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