Thursday, November 29, 2012

Santa's Math Stations FREEBIE

I've been in a funk lately.  Feeling like I've lost my "mo-jo".  I didn't even get any of my units finished and posted for the big TPT sale.  I think it's mostly been because I was just so worried about my good friend and fellow TPT buddy, Teresa.
Thank goodness we've had some FABULOUS things happening with her lately. 
You could even call it a MIRACLE.  I know I sure do!
She will be getting to come home either tomorrow or Saturday (just waiting on the insurance to approve the meds she needs to bring home with her).  Don't you just hate that kind of stuff???
After 4 weeks in the hospital, I know she is super excited!!!
I decided it was time to give back to all of you for supporting my store (and Teresa's store), helping out by donating, purchasing, praying, etc.
This freebie has three math stations which include games and activities for:
PLACE VALUE - using gifts as base ten. Includes a game and a worksheet using higher order thinking skills.
MEASUREMENT - Measure the distance of the trees in the forest for Santa. Include inches and centimeters.
MONEY - Play the game scoot to determine if your students can count coins.
Just click on the picture to grab your own copy.  And while you're over at my store, I sure would appreciate if you would become a follower if you haven't already. 
Don't forget to leave me some love with your comments.
Thanks and ENJOY!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Monday and Tuesday TPT Sale!

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS week spent with family and friend and your week was full of rest and relaxation.  I think maybe I had TOO much R&R.  I didn’t get ANYTHING accomplished on my new units!!
We have been on vacation at the fishing shack which meant no cell phone (or landline), no cable tv, no Internet (unless I went to the library).  I think sometimes stepping away from the technology life is EXACTLY what we need.  While I would have liked to have finished some of the ideas in my head, it was SO much better just spending time with the family.  It was beautiful weather every day and nice & warm.  I enjoyed getting in so many walks with my mom.
Now, I am back to reality.  I’ve used my cell phone multiple times traveling home today and now I’m sitting on the couch with the tv on and (obviously) back on the wi-fi.
Just in time to let you know that I’m participating in the big sale on TPT.  My store is 20% off today, Monday & Tuesday.  On Monday and Tuesday you can also receive an additional 10% off with the below code.


I hope you’ll stop over and take advantage.
Here are some of the many items in my store:

While you're over there, don't forget to grab some (or ALL) of my freebies!  I have THIRTY that I have posted for you.  Here are just a couple:


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   I hope you are having a wonderful holiday!  I have so much to be thankful, friends, and my virtual family and friends!

For today ONLY, stuff your virtual cart with goodies from my store.  For every item you purchase, send me an e-mail with an item of equal of less value that you would like for FREE and I will e-mail it to you.  Offer ends at midnight.  Have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!

Click here for store links:  Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook


Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Thankful TIMELY Freebie!

It's hard to believe that a week from today will be Thanksgiving.  That's just crazy!  I can't believe how FAST this school year is flying by! 
A quick update on my friend, Teresa of 2nd Grade Pig Pen.  We had some good news today and things are looking a little better.  Keep those prayers coming.  If you haven't taken advantage of the super-duper deal for some great products to help Teresa out (including an AWESOME unit from the fabulous Deanna Jump), click here to check it out!
We have been learning about time.  I decided since I am so thankful for some positive news about Teresa, that it was TIME to whip up a freebie to share with you.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Tuesday Freebie

I just got home from our first wedding dress fitting.  Unfortunately, Camille takes after me.  She is very petite and even the petite wedding gowns were TOO long, so it's having to be cut off!!!
I appreciate each of you that has offered up a prayer for my good friend and fellow TPT'er Teresa.  Remember, until Nov. 25 you can take advantage of over 25 products for ONLY  a $25 donation.  All of which goes to help Teresa in her time of need.  These are some GREAT products!!
Click on the picture to read more about it and to grab your own bargin!
(It says 23, but more products were donated at a later time.)
Not a lot going on this week.  Just getting ready for Thanksgiving.  My wonderful, fabulous kiddos have been WILD yesterday and today.  I think they are ready for a break also.  This is our first one since Labor Day.  It's a good thing the days and weeks have been flying by!!!
And, seeing that my kiddos have been going bonkers, I thought it might be a good time to revisit some behavior charts.  I actually made these during the summer to coordinate with some of my back-to-school themes.  (WOW, that seems like FOR.EV.ER ago!!)
Since things are always so hectic at that time of the year, you might have missed them.  So, just click on the picture to go grab the theme of your choice...

HECK, just grab them all while you're at it!!!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Teachers for Teresa

I’m sure it is rare if there is anyone out there reading this post who has not heard of Teachers Pay Teachers, better known as TPT.  Not only is it a great site for teachers to share their wonderful teaching ideas, it is also a place of true heartfelt kinship with other teachers and many of the teachers form virtual bonds with each other in friendship.  This is one of those times.
One of my best friends, 2nd grade teaching buddy, fellow blogger and TPTer is in CCU in Atlanta with critical medical issues. 
I asked for all of my wonderful friends on TPT to help pray for her.  Prayers have been sent up for Teresa from all over the world.  I truly believe that prayer can bring about miracles and Teresa is certainly in need of prayers.
These very wonderful and special teachers then began asking, "What can we do to help?"
Out of their love and concern came
Teresa has pulmonary hypertension and is experiencing complications. She loves teaching and has a wonderful sense of humor that keeps us all smiling. The most important thing we can all do for her, is to offer prayers on her behalf. Financially, you can help by purchasing one of the below packages. All of these items have been donated by her fellow TPT colleagues who wish to help across the world.

If you visit Teresa's blog you will see she LOVES all things piggy...hence all the pigs! :-)
You can also view her great products on her TPT store.

We know how medical bills can quickly become astronomical, especially when in the Critical Care Unit. Therefore, we are offering you some wonderful deals in exchange for donations.

Thanks to everyone who purchased.  This packet is no longer for sale. However, you can still purchase the units below.
In addition, several teachers have joined in another collaborative effort to form a piggy unit (Teresa's favorite kind). This unit is available on my store for $10. All proceeds will also be given to Teresa to help with financial needs.


There are also other ways you can help out also.
Here is an adorable piggy graphic set.  Click on the pix to purchase.  All proceeds are going to Teresa.
And grab a set a FREE piggies by spreading the word.  Click on picture below for more details.
Click on each picture to see more information about the products you will get for your $25 donation.



Thank you so much for your donations. Help spread the word by blogging with a link to this post, pinning, facebooking, etc.  Let's tell the world!
 I really appreciate it, but most of all, keep those prayers going!
Thank you