Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fun Day

We had such a fun day at school today.  We are learning persuasive writing.  At the beginning of each new quarter, I give students new seats in the classroom.  So, today I had them write a persuasive paper to convince me to let them choose their own seat.  I laughed and laughed as I read them this afternoon.  Here is my pick of the top 10 reasons using students own spelling:

  •  10 - I only want nice people next to me.
  • 9 - I want to sit by M because I'm kinda his friend.  I want to sit by M because I can see the tv better.  I want to sit by M so I will be closer to the door.  I want to sit by M to be closer to the rug.  (This list goes on and on always beginning with...I want to sit by M...Do you think he really likes M?  lol)
  • 8 - I would start being responsbol (her spelling) of what I said.
  • 7 - I will not pull their hair.
  • 6 - I think that it would be fun because maby it might be good for you.  (hahaha)
  • 5- I will pay you.
  • 4 - I'll practice 3 diget with regropin in the summer.
  • 3- Every time you choose my seat they are mean to me.  (says my BIGGEST trouble maker in the room..ha!)
  • 2- Wore the coolest teacher in 2nd grade.  (well, that's a good reason!)
  • 1 - Because your so nice and your the best teacher in the whole wide world.  And I love you so much.  And you get kids smarter in school.  (Quite a bit more on this one.  Awww...who am I kidding?  She did a nice job of sucking up, so she'll be choosing her own seat tomorrow!  hahahaha)


  1. What a cute idea!! Even cuter responses:)

  2. Love it!! I can almost picture which of your students wrote each one!!


  3. Such a cute idea! I am definitely going to try that out in my room!

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