Wednesday, August 8, 2012

B is for Back-to-School...#3

I have been working and working and WORKING on school stuff getting ready for back-to-school.  I went in today to finish my magnetic wall that I have been painting.  I remember now, why I never paint...  I don't like painting....hahahaha...

After 4 coats of the magnetic paint....

and 3 coats of my lime green...

and 1 coat of black for the border and ONLY 3 days of painting...

It's finally finished!!!
The three dots at the bottom are magnets to prove it actually works!!!
 (ok, I that I'm looking at the picture and I'm slightly rested, I have GOT to go work on that painted border!!!

Another bonus of working today, is one of my coworkers was there and I borrowed her children to try out this idea...

I found this at the Goodwill store for $3 with a mirror in it.  Of course, the lime green fits in PERFECTLY with my frog/lime green theme. 

 I thought it would be AHHHHHdorable to prop a frog in the corner and make pictures the first day of school.

Well, that was my day  (along with a trip to the dentist, painting a RED bookshelf lime green, but I ran out of paint before it covered the red, and putting up new fabric on my bulletin boards).

Now, it's time to veg out in front of the tv and enoy my last few days......zzzzzzzzz


  1. Love the magnetic bulletin board! It turned out so cute!! Girl, you have some patience to spend 3 days painting!! Whew!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  2. I don't like painting, either! If that paint works it would be worth it! You've got me thinking!!
    Owl Things First