Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mad Scientist Day Part 1

I had a CRAZY idea.... MAD SCIENTIST Day...

I am SO excited about it and so are the kiddos.

My entire grade level is having one ENTIRE day donated to science experiments.

This is the PLAN....I hope it works!  HA!

I have made a book for all the students to use (I'll share that on Thursday).

They will carry the book with them as they visit all 10 of the second grade classrooms.

We will only be able to devote 20 minutes to each experiment.


Today and tomorrow during in science, we are watching this slide slow I made.

 The students are completing the first part of each page by listing the name of the experiment, the supplies and forming a hypothesis.

 We all put these slides on the big screen for students to see.

 We've been learning about scientific inquiry this month.

What better way to end the month that with an entire day devoted to scientific inquiry?

 You've probably seen this one making the rounds on Pinterest.

You can get all 10 slides to use in your own classroom by clicking here.
(Graphics by Fancy Dog Studio and Hello Borders.)

Here are some of their hypothesis so far.

If you are looking for some more great science experiments to use in your classroom, check out
Steve Spangler Science.

Be sure to check back Thursday to see some of these in action and grab the free booklet I've made for you!


  1. Awesome! I am going to do this! My kids love Science. I am the only second grade teacher, so we will just do one a day during science class. I will be back on Thursday for sure! Just the materials I am needing. Thanks for sharing with the lonely only 2nd grade teacher! :-)