Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another rainy day!

Well, it's been another rainy day here in Georgia, but as long as it's not snowing...I'm not complaining!

Had a great day with my students.  This week is the middle benchmark of DIBELS so a "swat" team of push-ins/pull-out teachers are used.  We got to enjoy a little Reading Rainbow instead of our usual routine.  LOVE www.unitedstreaming.com.  The students always enjoy getting to watch these videos on the big screen.  We also started learning about fractions today.  Today was a day of exploration as all the students colored and cut out fraction circles and then explored various ways they could be put into one whole.  We ended the day with indoor recess (again) and then started learning about synonyms.  If the rain ever stops, maybe we'll get to go back outside again!  :-)

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