Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Alternate Universe? or Have I been deprived???

Honestly, friends, I'm trying to get better on my blog. Maybe I've just bitten off too much???   It seems that I've fallen into an alternate universe!  (Anyone else feeling this way?)  Just a few days after Christmas, I had a friend invite me to pinterest.  Ok, I started you know, it can really suck you in.  All of a sudden I was seeing great ideas about the classroom.  I clicked and OMGosh!!  I must have been living a deprived life, because all of a sudden I discovered...BLOGS!!!!!  Well, I admit, I became a bit stalkerish and decided I HAD to do this!!!!  As I'm stalking, I stumbled onto Amy Lemon's blog ( and ANOTHER eye-opener.   All of a sudden, I found out there was more than I ever imagined when I found TPT!!!!  I immediately became smitten and started asking Amy some questions.  She was SO sweet to answer all of my pestering questions and I knew, FINALLY, I had found the place of my dreams...(Yes, I am one of those weird teachers who absolutely ADORES writing lesson plans and thinking up cute and fun ideas to teach something.  I've never enjoyed relying on the "next page.")  So, I started my own TPT store.  This past weekend, I stumbled into yet another venue...having an education page on facebook.  So, I'm trying to learn to balance my evenings between blogging, pinning, facebooking, and my true love...designing my ideas to share with others.  Please be patient with me.  I've seen others doing it, so surely I can too!!!  (Did I mention that I'm pretty headstrong about that concept???  hahaha)  I appreciate all of you hanging in there with me and hope you will become followers of my other places, also. 

Now, that I've unburdened myself...let's move on to other things!

We're working on quotation marks in 2nd grade right now.  We did a cute assignment that the students loved today.  After reviewing quotation marks, I put the students in groups of four.  Each student had a different color of magic marker to use when writing.  I also gave them each a number 1-4.  #1 wrote what #2 said, #2 wrote what #3 said, and so forth so they all had a chance to write.  (You know how they all are about fairness!)  Each student got to say one thing...whatever they wanted to say.  The student who had to write about it could choose to start with _____ said, or end with , said ______.  After all students were finished, we played "Scoot Around the Room."  They moved as a group and as a group whisper read each poster.  They had so much fun doing this!  Here is a picture of one of the finished products (although I'm sure you can "see" it in your mind...hahaha).  Needless to say, I'm proud they are doing so good with quotation marks.  Tomorrow, it's MACARONI quotation marks...the kiddos are going to love it!!!  :-)

 I've seen where some teachers called today "Wacky Wednesday" based on a Dr. Seuss book. I haven't even heard of this book before, though like all of his, I'm sure it's very interesting. I hope your Wednesday hasn't been too wacky! lol

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