Thursday, May 17, 2012

Field Day and a Special Sale

Sorry I've been lacking lately.  I'm sure most of you are going through much of the same...the end of school.  While it is thrilling, it is also so TIRING!!!  lol 

However, just knowing that tomorrow is IT, has rejuvenated me enough to post about field day earlier this week.  Each of the eleven 2nd grade teachers chose an activity for field day.  Other than the bouncing/obstacle course, we tried to do everything else very simple to show students how to make their OWN outdoors fun.  (I'm sure you've seen the just don't know how to play outside anymore.) 

Well, my event was frisbees using plates.

In order to "fly" they must be the plastic.  They work the best.  I got 8 in a pack for $1 each at the Dollar Tree.

Here's some of my sweeties playing with the "frisbees."
The shoe toss was a BIG hit.  Students dangle one of their shoes on their toe.  On cue, they kick their foot to see how far the shoe will go.
See the purple frisbees?  They've got it flying good!

All of the 2nd graders getting instructions before we started.
As you can tell, the line was LONG for the first little while at the bouncy/obstacle course.  Gave the rest of us time to catch our breaths!

While I was out shopping, I found these ADORABLE flyswats at the checkout counter at Walmart.  Of course, they screamed "TPT idea" to me, so I just had to buy them!

This is what I made to go with them:

This game can be used for number recognition 0-20, addition facts fluency or subtraction facts fluency.  There are also some blank SPLAT cards to program for anything you wish. 
Click on the picture to grab it for just $1 . 25!
(And no, you don't need flyswatters to play.)

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY!!!  Did I mention that???  WHOO!!!  HOOO!!!!
Come back tomorrow to read my original poem.



  1. Oh! My gosh! I love the flyswatters. I was just at Wal-Mart and didn't see them. What department are they in? I've got to make a trip to get them.

    I love your ideas with the flyswatter. I've bought the plain ones at Dollar General and cut a rectangle in the middle of it. I use it to mask words on a chart. I.E. I give the volunteer clues like I'm thinking of a word that begins with a digraph and it rhymes with brain. Then they go cover the word on my poem written on chart tablet paper.

    Thanks for sharing a new idea.


    1. Michelle,
      They were in the garden supply section. They are probably at other places in the store also, but that's where they were at a display ON the checkout counter. They were $1 each. I hope you find them. Good luck!

  2. Who would have thought a flyswatter could be cute?!? Hehehe!!

    Jessica Stanford

  3. Ingenious! Frisbee plates - that's awesome! Field Day is always so fun! Two more weeks for me.... yay! Come visit me! :)
    Tangled with Teaching