Thursday, August 16, 2012

C is for Classroom Pictures

Sorry I've been MIA these past few days.  I've been working like a mad woman finishing up my room.  Yesterday was "Meet the Teacher" day and I got to meet 18 out of 20 students.  Today, was a catch your breath day and get all the paperwork in order day.  Tomorrow, is the BIG day...

I hope you'll stick with me on this post.  I've got LOTS of pictures to share with you!  I've also linked up with others showing their classroom pictures.  Click on their links at the bottom.

Looking down the hallways.  They just got painted in our school colors this summer.  Aren't they beautiful?  And the floors are so shiny.  Well, that won't last long!!!

Here's the area outside of my room.  I laminated the larger construction paper and added clothspins.  Tomorrow the students will decorate their name tags to add to it.

Here's my door.  I found a brand new plastic tablecloth at the Goodwill store for $1.20.  It's the perfect backdrop to my decorations.  Since it wasn't quite long enough, I added the blue paper and some flowery vine that I had also picked up for 50 cents.

A closer look.  These decorations can be found in my Back-to-School Frog theme here.

We all have boards outside our room where we are required to display our homeroom list, our reading group, and our schedule.

Looking into my classroom.  Sadly, my boards will remain unfinished for a few days.  The laminator tore up this week, can you believe it???  Of all weeks.  I will post updated pictures later when it has been fixed and I can add my Focus Wall here.  You can go here to download your own FREE copy.

 Our reading rug my sweet son-in-law gave me last year.

Reading area with new blue and green baskets along with my frogs I've been gathering all summer.

The calendar which is also part of my Back-to-School Frog Theme packet.

Math area.  I had a bright idea to paint a RED bookshelf lime green.  Put me behind with my "To Do List" as it took SEVERAL coats of paint.  BUT, isn't it bright, cheerful and pretty??

The curtains my mom made me using the blue fabric that I had for many years on my bulletin board...repurposing at its best!

I decided to put my Word Wall on the large heat/AC unit.  These match my Back-to-School Frog unit and can be found here.

Instead of DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read), we're going to have FROG time (Fun Reading is Our Goal.)

A froggy blanket, frogs and basket.  All found at the Goodwill store!  This is in the "Book Nook" area so kids can cuddle and get comfy with a good book.

On the other side of "The Book Nook."  I hope to encourage students to "Hop Into A Good Book."  This is a freebie in my store!  Be sure to grab it!

The wall behind my reading table with magnets stuck on my new magnetic wall.

Here are some links to view other awesome classroom pictures!


Check back for more pictures soon.  If you have purchased any of my items, please send me your pictures of them in your classroom and I'll share them on my blog.  I would love to see how you used them!


  1. It looks FABULOUS!!! I can tell you have been busy! And, those hallways look so nice and clean!!!! :)

    Good work!
    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

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  2. I've been working a lot in my classroom this week too. Your room looks great! I love how soothing the blues and greens are! :) Hope all goes will with your new students! I know I'd love to be in your room!

    Reaching for the TOP!

  3. Cynthia, your room looks amazing! The hallway is simply gorgeous-so bright and clean! Your kiddos are lucky to be in such a cheery room! Glad your first meeting was a success.
    OK-is your Word Wall magnetic on the back of your ac unit?! LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing and hope you have a wonderful year!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  4. Cythia, I found you on Ms. Stanford's Friday Guest blog! I teach 2nd grade, too!! I love your school hallways (purple is my FAVORITE color!!) I am in the process of working on CCSS 2nd grade I can Statement cards in pirate theme (my classroom theme) and in frogs+insects! Keep an eye on my blog for the freebie! I hope to have everything ready to post (including a beginning of the year math assessment) by the end of the weekend!
    I would love to share ideas with you!!

    Wishful Teaching

  5. Your room looks great! Hope your laminator gets fixed soon! Thanks for linking up!

    Swimming into Second

  6. I love your magnetic wall!! Awesome!

    Teaching Mrs.T

  7. Cynthia,
    Thank you for linking up with Classroom Theme Mania!
    Your froggies are absolutely darling! Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Your room looks amazing!
    I dont speak english, but I just to say " Parabéns"!!!

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