Monday, January 30, 2012

What a Day!!!!

Well, after 100 days of being fairly healthy, I have caught someone's cold!  (I don't really understand how I've caught it if they still have it too...hehehe.)  Anyway, today, as all Monday's, I do not get a break when my students go to specials.  We are required to go to library with them.  I forgot to bring home my reader's theater I made for our DI stories this week, so I took them with me to staple and highlight the parts.  BAD idea...kept getting interrupted so that when reading started, some of the parts were highlighted wrong!  :-(  Thank goodness, we've done enough that they were able to figure it out on their own!  I decided to change up our boring SRA Reading Mastery (Direct Instruction) reading and we are doing a whole week long unit on the circus.  I turned the Sherlock and Moe stories into a Reader's Theater, and we also have circus poems we will be reading this week.  I also made centers to go along with circus...circus words for the dictionary center, circus books for the reading center, juggling clown word game for vocabulary, and circus story starters for the writing centers.  I changed my centers from 10-5 (one is always computers). 

Well, the push-in ESOL teacher has been out of the classroom for 2 1/2 weeks testing students, so everything has been different during that time.  Today we were finally going to be back to a normal routine.  Anyways, just as Ms. C walks through the door, low-and-behold here comes the principal to do GTOI's on both of us.  Now, I'm sure we've ALL had one of those days when nothing seems to be going our way...that was certainly my day.

Here I am sick (sniffling, sneezing, drinking water for my scratchy throat), new routine which I'm about to announce to the students who are not in Ms. C's group, and on top of that...I had forgotten to turn the student computers on yet! On top of that, since I wasn't feeling well, I had planned not to do my usual small group and instead spend my time individually testing each child on his instant words.  Well, the principal was very gracious and began with Ms. C's GTOI, while I got my group situated, computers turned on, directions given etc., before she comes over to observe me.  While I'm doing those things I'm talking on the outside to my students, but on the inside I'm trying to decide WHAT to do for her to observe.  Luckily, I still had a small group set of books I had not returned to the reading room yet, so I was able to use those and it all looked as though I had it planned all along! When she started to leave she even asked if I needed anything and offered to get me more water.  A few minutes after she left, she came back to the room and brought me some zinc lonzenges and told me to keep the box.  She is really such a nice lady!

As soon as school was over I rushed to the drugstore and now I'm all armed with all sorts of goodies.  Just hope I feel better tomorrow!

In the meantime, I finished my unit on Homophones.  It seemed so hard to find much on this, so I just set in and made my own.  I'm so excited to use in the classroom!  I posted in on my TPT store so be sure to go check it out.  Also, I'm having a 15% off sale beginning tomorrow, so be sure to stop by and see if there's anything you need.  If you download something, PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE leave me some feedback and don't forget to follow me!

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