Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bloggy Ramblings!

What a whirlwind of a day!  Today, we went shopping for a wedding dress for my youngest daughter, Camille.  We went to Davids' Bridal (about an hour or so from our house).  Such a different experience than with our oldest daughter.  We told the lady assigned to us our budget and she STUCK with it.  My daughter takes after me...she is short!  (Only 4ft. 11 inches)  She is also super tiny.  They only had 2 dresses in size 0 petite.  I could NOT believe it when Camille fell in love with the very first one.  It is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS on her!  Wow!  Much easier than when we shopped multiple times for Megan 2 years ago, but we ended up with the perfect dress for both!

While we were in the area, we HAD to go to Target.  (Who doesn't love Target???)  I found two adorable little buckets in the $1 bin (don't you love that section?).  I got a red and a green.

 I plan to use them to change the way we do pencils.  Is there anyone else out there who let's the situation with sharpening pencils get on your ever-loving last nerve???  This year, I will go back to having FULL control over the pencils.  Yep, I'm one of those who likes to have ultimate control.  I plan on having sharpened pencils in the green bucket.  When students break a pencil, rather than digging in their crayonbox for a new pencil or for their pencil sharpener, they will simply walk quietly over and place the broken one in the red bucket and grab a sharpened pencil in the green bucket.  In my perfect little world (that I see in my mind...hahaha) this is going to be a WONDERFUL plan!  :-)

AND, my cat was very happy with the Target bag.  She LOVES playing with plastic bags for some reason.  I guess it's the sound the bags make.

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Last, but certainly not least, check back tomorrow for Post # 2 of my Work Smarter, Not Harder! series. (Click on sign to read post #1)

Remember, there will be a freebie with tomorrow's post!  :-)



  1. Oh, Target buckets, I am organizing my stuff, and I hoard cute containers...But I have a pencils bucket for sharpened, but I too go nuts with pencil sharpening, will have to make an unsharpened ones, then make it a job for one of my groups....

  2. I wish I could go to target. It is always a must when I visit the U.S.

  3. I have cans just like yours in pink and purple that I used for pencils. I took a permanent marker and wrote "Sharpened" on one and "Dull" on the other. It worked great all year!