Friday, June 8, 2012

How to Pin from a Blog

Did you know there is a right way AND a wrong way to pin an item on Pinterest?  Yep, there sure is!  Doesn't it annoy you when you see an AWESOME idea on Pinterest and click on it, but it takes you to the entire blog or website and you are unable to find the actual post?  Let's spread the word about how to post the actual picture to take you directly to the post.  It's really VERY simple. 

1) Click on the title of the actual post.  (ex:  You would click the title of my post for today titled, "How to Pin from a Blog.")  It might not look like anything changes, but the actual url DOES change.  From this:
to this:

2) Next, pin the picture of the item on the post that you want to pin.

What this insures is that when you have time to go back and look at your pins, it will take you directly to the post with the picture and not just the main blog.

In case you want to practice, feel free to practice on my latest unit.  I am VERY excited about this unit.  We will actually be teaching spelling this year...for a grade and everything...WHOO!!!  HOOO!!! and AMEN!!! 

I am including my original poem to post about "The Spelling Bee."  It includes award coupons as well as "stinger" coupons to encourage students to use their best spelling.  (They never know when the Spelling Bee will visit throughout the year.)

A craftivity is also included.  (I am super-proud of myself for making this one on the computer.  I am just not a person who can draw, though I am so a "wanna-be!" :-)

I, personally, think it's time we teach students HOW to spell and WHY to spell a word a certain way. Therefore, I am including rules also.  (Over 40 different rules to meet needs from kindergarten students to 3rd grade.)

I am running an introduction special on it.  This 73-page until will normally sell for $8.00, but you can get it now at the introduction price of $5.

Click here to purchase from my TPT store.


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