Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Freebies #14 & #15

Like everyone else, I was shocked, stunned and saddened by yesterday's events. 
 I just didn't have the heart to blog last night.

On a great, up-beat, GOOD news note...
I went to see my friend Teresa Williams yesterday.  She is doing SOOOOO good.  I was thrilled beyond words at how good she looks.  We had the nicest visit laughing and talking. 
Of COURSE, we had to talk about all of you wonderful people and how you helped so much financially and with your prayers.  Please continue to remember her.
If you do not know the background story, please read all about it here.  She is truly a living testament to the fact that God is still in the miracle business.

You can still help her out $$ by purchasing the piggy unit which is available until Dec. 31st.  ALL proceeds go directly to her to help with expenses.
Now, on to both yesterday and today's FREEBIE ...
Freebie #14
Editable Nametags for all your Christmas gifts!
If you prefer to handwrite, just click on the text box and delete.
Freebie #15
I Have...Who Has with past tense verbs.

Just another quick note about all of my units that I am about to retire.  They continue to be on CLEARANCE for ONLY $1 each.  Click here to see which ones are included.  Today is the LAST day.  Grab yours now!
I will not be blogging tomorrow.  I am joining in with teacher bloggers from all over in a show of solidarity, love and support for the teachers, families and community of Sandy Hook Elementary.  We have declared Sunday to be a DAY OF SILENCE to honor and remember.
Please feel free to copy and paste this graphic onto your own blogs.  Thanks to Michelle at The 3am Teacher for designing and sharing.!
Check back Monday for Freebies # 16 & #17.