Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ready, Get Set...Let's Go Back!

I sure have enjoyed my time off and I'm sure you all have also.
Two weeks is almost up for me, but I've got everything all lined up and prepared for next week.
In case you've enjoyed those pajama days just a little too much, here are some ideas to help you get motivated.  You might even find something you can use in your own classroom...
In math next week, we are going to be doing some review with a little new learning mixed in...
This FREEBIE involves VERY little prep work.  Simply make 5 copies of the numbers page, cut apart, and place in ziploc bags to use at each of the 5 centers.  The other 5 worksheets can be copied and placed in centers.  The same numbers are used with each worksheet.
If your school is like ours, you might need to be careful making copies.  I shrank the pages and put two to a page so I was able to cut my amount of copies in half!
We will continue with our daily spiral math reviews for January....which uses NO copies. These are aligned to the Common Core.  For more information on using these spirals, you can see this post here.  In my store, you can find the entire year of spirals or just the month of January.
Fluency in addition and math is another Common Core standard for 2nd grade.  In our classroom, we practice Brain Math every Monday to help the students accomplish the fluency needed.  (No more adding/subtracting on fingers!)  My kiddos LOVE it.  Once again, NO COPIES needed! Click here to read more about it and grab this freebie.  You can find the entire set here
For games in our literacy stations and math stations, we will be using these games found here.
Just print and laminate.  No extra copies needed.

In ELA, we will be learning how to conduct research as we learn about polar bears and penguins.  As we work on the FOUR WEEK unit we will use fiction and non-fiction books as we cover many, many standards....31 total!  I have all the essential questions and standards included so posting them will be a breeze.  I wanted to make this month as fun and exciting as possible, and I think this unit will do it!

Here is a sample of a couple of day's lesson plans from the included frameworks.  As you can see, copies are pretty much only needed during the research portion of the unit.  Once again, copies are at a minimum for this unit.
I teach in the state of Georgia, so OF COURSE, we're going to be learning about Martin Luther King, Jr.  I'll be pulling out the pages from my good friend Teresa Williams' unit to use in SS.
So, now you know what my class will be doing for this month.
I would love to read what your class will be doing when you return.
Add your post to the linky below, grab this picture and link back so we can all share.  Hopefully, it will help someone else out!
Also, be sure to check out my good friend Christine over at Sugar and Spice who is celebrating the one-year birthday of her blog.  You might be the lucky winner of her entire store!  You also have the opportunity to receive other prizes including one from me.
Now, link up and let's hear what great lessons you have planned for the month of January.


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