Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fact Fluency

It has been a BUSY, CRAZY week.  I've also been working on this unit to use in my own classroom for over a week now. 
It does include a FREEBIE!
Do your students continually use their fingers to add and subtract?  Work on fact fluency by using the new unit that I just uploaded.

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409 PAGES for ONLY $10.  What a bargin!!!  
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My students will write their names on the little sticky notes and add next to each math fact as they learn it to automaticity.

Do you need timed tests?  In my classroom, I use Brain Math for practice AND timed tests.  In this unit, you will receive 31 different Brain Maths which covers each set of fluency facts as well as a mixture for each group.  My students LOVE doing these.  
I am sharing one of the brain math slides to use:

I use my small digital timer and place it on the "count-up" mode. I usually begin with 10 seconds for each slide. Each student has a dry-erase board as well as a dry-erase marker and an eraser. 

They number the board 1-10. We go through the slides at 10 seconds each. The students write ONLY the answer for each slide.  (Example shown below, next to number 2 the students would write 8.

The last slide says, "Close Your Markers." 

  Then we go over the answers. If the student has an incorrect answer, they erase. I can quickly scan as I'm walking the room to see how each student did.

When I feel that my students are able to be successful, I give them a piece of notebook paper along with a pencil. We go through the Brain Math slides at a faster pace (use whatever you feel is appropriate time for your class).

I then take up the pencil/paper test for grading purposes.

Another form of timed test that I use, is the Individual Fluency Record sheets. These can be used for practice or test grade also and are divided by the grading period.

We are limited on the number of copies we can use due to $$. If you purchase this unit, and find this is not sufficient amount of practice for you, I will be glad to add more paper copies. Just send me an e-mail.

To learn more about brain math along with another freebie, click here.

The first 5 people who purchase my unit and leave me a rating/feedback on my store can choose another item of equal or less value for FREE!  :-)



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