Thursday, January 10, 2013

Aiming for Balanced Reading

Don't you hate short weeks?  They actually seem twice as long as a regular week!
We've had a lot to do this week.  On Monday, we had the most AWESOME math workshop.  The lady that conducted is in her 45th year of teaching.  Can you even imagine??  She was FABULOUS!!!!  Unfortunately, our grade only had 1 1/2 hours with her.  I hope she comes back soon!!!
I had everything ready to go this week, but now I'm contemplating how I can use some of the new math ideas in my classroom.  I've also been figuring out how to get more needs-based time in with my reading group. 
WHEW!!!  Just can't turn the brain off!!!  I think I've about got it all worked out now!
One thing I've really been studying more about is the Common Core Reading Literature and Informational Standards and how to have a Balanced Reading Program.  I've been reading as many articles as I can find on the subject.
I think I've accomplished this with my newest unit.
 The first two weeks we are learning about penguins. 

 The first week is devoted to fiction books about penguins as we cover several literature standards including asking and answering questions (RL.2.1), learning more about adverbs (RL.2.1e), using beginning dictionaries to clarify the meaning of words (RL.2.4.e), character's response to challenges (RL.2.3) and speaking in different voices for characters (RL.2.6).  These are the books I have been using.  You can use this unit with ANY penguin books you have on hand.
The second week we will be using non-fiction books as we cover informational standards which include...key details in a text (RI.2.1), using dictionaries to determine meaning of words (RI.2.4), using text features (RI.2.5) and diagrams (RI.2.7).  Once again, these standards can be met with any informational book.

 As our current reading series does not support a balance between literature and information, we have been encouraged to use what meets the standards.  I am really enjoying making my own units for these!

How are you accomplishing a balanced reading program between literature and informational?

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