Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Let's Learn About Poetry

I'm crying tears of sorrow,
I'm crying tears of joy.
I'm crying, crying, crying,
'cause my daughter's leaving me for a boy!


This is the extent of my poetry writing for this week.

Yep, it's kinda wild, crazy, and STRESSFUL around here this week!

This may be the only post I get to do this week.  As you all know, my daughter is getting married Saturday.  We are in FULL final wedding mode, so I probably won't make it back until after it's all over.
However, I just HAD to share my newest unit with you.  As most of you have probably noticed,
Standard 10 in Reading Literature of the Common Core states that "by the end of the year, {students should be able to} read and comprehend literature including poetry" in grades 1-5.
I hear so often that poetry is so hard to teach, partly because teachers just don't know what to do with it.

I hope this unit will help to change that!

I have included colorful anchor charts for all 12 poems included in the unit.

I have included a research book for all students to complete.  Each page reminds students about each type of poem.  Use all of the 12 poem pages or just those that fit your grade level the best. 

Lesson plans are included for each type of poem.

Due to copyright laws, there are no examples of poems included.  However, I have included resources for books, on-line Power Points, videos, poetry sites, and an on-line examples of each type of poem.

I have pulled these 2 pages out of the unit to offer to you as a FREEBIE!  These are available by downloading the preview of my unit here.

Have a great week everyone and send me good thoughts to get me through these next few days!  :-)


  1. What an exciting time! Enjoy every minute! And I love the unit. I'm one of those teachers that needs help with this topic. :)

    Kathy S

  2. The poem made me laugh. I hope everything will go smoothly on wedding day. Gotta agree with Kathy, I am loving the unit. Gave me a few ideas on how to create my own.

  3. I have to admit, I got a chuckle out of your poem, too! I could just see you bawling over the last line. Not that I think THAT is funny. ;-)

    Your poetry unit looks fabulous!