Monday, April 23, 2012

Craftivity and Birthday Link-up

All is right with the world!  Or, at least, with my little world.  We are finally back on our normal schedule, testing is behind us, and we are in the home stretch of the school year.  Only 19 more days.  That is so hard to believe.  The older I get, and the longer I teach, the faster the year seems to speed by.

We had such a fun day today.  The students completed a craftivity I made of sunshine to display on our door.  We got lots of compliments from other teachers.  Several even asked me if it was a "Pinterest" idea.  (No, but it's about to be as soon as I have a chance to pin it!!!  hahaha...)  Feel free to pin it for me also!  :-)

And, you know me, of COURSE, I had to turn it into a TPT unit.

Denise over at Sunny Days in 2nd Grade is having a

How do you celebrate birthdays in your classroom?  I make Birthday Baggies for each student.  I got a brand-new student today (with only 4 weeks of school left) and low and behold, it was his birthday.  Just in time to post for this blog.


Here are the things that were inside the bag.  I always stock up on school supply during the Back-to-School sale in the fall and then I have it throughout the year.

Usually, we start off our day by having everyone make a birthday card for the birthday student.

Well, I'm off to Zumba (even though I would rather go home and get in a hot tub as it's been chilly here all day!)

See you soon,


  1. I love the summer suns!! Great Idea!!


    Did you order the "Froggy Loves Books" books from Scholastic Book Clubs? I love the small size and my students always love froggy! I was just wondering because I would love to purchase a set for my class. Thanks!


  2. I love Zumba! Hope you had fun once you got there :)

    I really like your suns, too. In my class before breaks, we always talk a lot about how learning doesn't just happen in school. I think I'm going to snag your sun idea and use it for "things I want to learn this summer!"

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad