Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two birds with one stone

Today I accomplished reviewing 2 ideas with one activity (two birds with one stone).  We reviewed writing a friendly letter by reviewing my anchor chart...

Next, my students used their persuasive writing skills to write a letter to their parents to persuade them to let them have a sleepover this weekend.  HAHAHA...I bet parents are not very appreciative of me tonight although I DID let them know that it was a writing assignment.

I haven't come across a lot of people that think like me.  Maybe now that I'm a part of the blogging world that will change.  How many of you think "in advance", in the future, etc?  My mind has ALWAYS seemed to work that way.  Even while I'm doing something today, I may be thinking and planning for something that might be tomorrow or maybe even months away.  (I do this for monthly menu planning and even published a book about it, but that's a blog for another day...)

Anyhow, I have been looking at the new Common Core Curriculum standards as I am on the committee to redo our standards-based report cards.  That's how I developed my newest unit to use in my classroom. 

I'm feeling very generous.  Maybe it's due to the fact that there are only 16 more days of school and one of those, I will be in the above mentioned committee meeting?  Anyway, go here to download for free!!!

I would love to hear from far in advance do you plan for things whether at school or in your personal life?

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  1. Thanks for the freebies. I appreciate your generosity. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.