Saturday, April 28, 2012

Preparing for next year or survival mode?

As I mentioned in my post Thursday, I am a planner and a fixer.  I am planning for the beginning of the next school year and fixing some problems that arose at the beginning of this past year.  When all of second grade was moved to a new building this past year, we discovered during pre-planning, that the workroom parapro did not work during pre-planning (at our other building, she worked the same days as the teachers).  Alas, we were scrambling to come up with items since we weren't allowed to copy or laminate.  I have fixed that problem this year, by getting some things ready for my beginning of the year decorations and also the copies I will need to start off with.  As usual, my brain is on overdrive and that got me to thinking and wondering, does anyone else try to get all of this beginning of the year stuff ready now so you can enjoy your summer with peace of mind?  If so, check this out:

This also got me to wondering about $$.  At our school, we have not received money to purchase items for several years.  I used to always buy new things to decorate my door, bulletin board, etc. every year.  Of course, I had to buy all new coordinating items as well.  The beginning of the year had to be pretty!  (Still it just comes out of my own pocket.)

SO...from one teacher to another, I am willing to help others out by including these items and make a "Back to School" packet to meet your needs/theme.

Click on the picture to see more details.

Here is the table of contents of all that is included.

Here is another with a Monster Theme:

I am offering all that is included with a theme of your choice for $5.95.  WOW!  I pay MUCH more when ordering all the different pieces. 

I can customize your order to meet your theme and can even personalize with your class name for $6.95.  Please contact me at if you want more details or would like to special order a packet.  If you get before your school is out, you can have it printed, laminated, and ready to go when you walk back in the door at pre-planning.  What PEACE OF MIND!!!

So, what is your mindset...preparing for next year or survival mode until the end of school?  I would love to hear what you are doing!  Leave a comment to share with others.



  1. Survival mode! I'm a new teacher and just started a huge class project to run a lemonade stand (it's exciting, but a lot of work... not sure what I was thinking! :) Plus, I don't even have confirmed yet which grade level I'll be teaching next year.

    It does help that I can copy and laminate now, in the fall, and in the summer, too. I would prefer to have a lot more done ahead of time- but hopefully I'll get time once school is out! :)

  2. At this time of year, my brain turns to planning what I want to do differently next year. But it is more in teaching than preparing my room. I ususally don't come up with my theme for the beginning of the year until I can get into my room in August. I like your idea of getting all that ready ahead of time!
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  3. Cute, cute blog! Thank you for following my blog and now I'm your newest follower! I too am starting to plan ahead for next year. I've started a few projects and just hope I can keep this up over the summer. You have some great ideas!


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