Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Rafter, a Leap and a Murder?

What do these three words have in common?  If you're a 2nd grade teacher teaching the new Common Core Curriculum, then you already know the answer to this one!  They're all used in Collective Noun phrases.  Yes, that's just one of many new Common Core Standards which we are now teaching in 2nd grade.

I must admit, when I had to go to a couple of professional development meetings to rewrite our county curriculum map and rewrite our standards based report cards, I felt a little panic.  (I also felt far ahead of the game by getting an in-depth view last spring which has helped greatly!)

Almost ALL of our Language Arts Standards have been changed.  In the past, even grades just built on previous learning while teaching the material deeper and wider. longer!  Almost everything we will teach this year will be brand new learning.

I am teaching the lowest reading group this year.  (At my request...this is my very favorite level to teach!)  So, we are starting off pretty basic.  Today, we made an anchor chart and discussed some different phrases. 

A rafter of turkeys, a leap of leopards, and a murder of crows all made the kids laugh.

Then, the students chose a phrase to write and illustrate.  Here are a few...

A bouquet of flowers

A bunch of balloons

a convoy of trucks

An army of soldiers

Are you enjoying teaching the new standards?  It's keeping us on our toes isn't it!  lol

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