Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun Friday Linky Party

Fridays are my favorite day.  You're probably all saying, "I wonder why??" in a VERY sarcastic voice...right?  Come on, be honest....hahaha
Actually, I love Friday for the obvious reason, but my number one reason is that Friday is FUN FRIDAY in my classroom.  While most Fridays have some form of assessment of our learning for the week, I balance it out by having a lot of fun activities on Friday.

Our day started with a little more fun than usual...  First a student pulled the fire alarm just as students were walking down to homeroom.  Even though we figured it was a false alarm, we never want to assume, so we were grabbing any kid we saw and getting out.   hahaha
Then, when my students started coming in, I had a student come up to me all upset.
It seems that his brother had painted his fingernails pink while he was asleep.

He wouldn't even take his hands out of his pockets.  Thanks goodness ONE of my coworkers had some fingernail polish remover.
That was two disasters averted before 8 o'clock!  :-)
Now it was time for FUN FRIDAY to begin!!!
My students were estastic...this is their favorite day also.  We began in reading with our much requested game, "Rotten Apple." See a previous post about this game here.  If you haven't already gotten your FREE copy of this game, click on the above picture.
Next, we played a couple of fun math games. 
 This game is called CRAZY Game.  It's a game of directionality.  The students have to move to the next spot according the the direction of the arrow on the last space they land on.  They go up, down, forwards,'s hard to tell WHO will win in this crazy game. 
 It is part of my "Math Games Galore" unit.  It can be purchased by clicking on the picture.
The second game we played was SPLAT.
The small group was divided into 2 teams...Orange vs. Purple.  We are working hard on our fluency facts to 20.  As an addition fact was called out, the first student who could "SPLAT" the answer got a point for their team.  The students had a ball playing this.  There was a lot of cheering (and a few groans) during this fast paced game.  My inspiration to make this game was the two fly swats purchased from Walmart.
These two fly swatters were the inspiration for this game.
Get your own FREE copy by clicking on the above picture.
What are your FUN FRIDAY activities? 
Link up your blog post to share how you make Friday Fun!
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  1. I love those fly swatters! So cool. Your blog is amazing and I am your newest follower:) I also linked up for fun friday!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. I love the Splat game. Thanks so much for sharing. I am you newest follower. I would love for you to stop by for a visit. Always nice to find fellow 2nd grade teachers.

  3. Thank for the linky party!


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