Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Needs-Based Groups

My FAVORITE part of the day is reading.  I LOVE teaching reading.  Call me crazy, but the group that I request to teach each year is the lowest group.  I have such a desire to instill that love of reading in each student, helping fill in their gaps, identify those that need to be in the RTI process and see their reading take off and SOAR!!! 
3-weeks needs based groups are so effective in helping students.  There can be any combination of a groups' needs taught during the 15 minutes each group rotates through.    For my particular level of students, we are working on sight words using the Instant Word List and phonics.
I use needs-based groups to help my struggling students in reading.  It is very precise and also very streamlined.
Everything I need is in this bin.

This year I am keeping the current 3-week plans in this 3-prong pocket folder.  I have 3 pages.  One for each group along with three baggies labeled group 1, group 2, and group 3 which are stored in the front pocket. These baggies contain the Instant Words each group is practicing.  In the back pocket is 1/2 sheet notebook paper we use for phonics work each day.
I use a this write-wipe board for the phonics work.

The spelling book which accompanies our reading series is used for the phonics portion.

In the past, I have also used a folder for each group which kept the current 3-weeks plans and Instant Words.

The front of the the 3-week lesson plans.  The bottom X-Knows should be highlighted.  I assess each student at the end of the 3 weeks.  If the student  has learned the word, the X will be highlighted.

The back of my lesson plan has the explicit teacher talk so that anyone (including a sub) can walk into my room and teach the lesson in the same manner I teach.
Do you use 3-week plans in your classroom?  How do you utilize Needs-Based Groups?
If you want to learn more, feel free to contact me.  You can also purchase a comprehensive 180 page unit with explicit instructions in my TPT Store or TN Store.
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  1. I need to look into these 3 week needs based groups. Is it similar to how CAFE does strategy groups? That is what I am implementing into my classroom this year, and absolutely love it!

    I love the freebies linky! Thanks for hosting it! I love seeing all the ideas!

    Also, you might already have one, but I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog. You could win a free, personal laminator! Come check it out if you get the chance!

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