Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's FROG Time!

FROG = Fun Reading (is) Our Goal!

At the end of last school year we were asked to submit which level of reading and math we would like to teach this year.  Of course, I submitted the lowest group.  That's just where my heart is.  I was told I would have the very lowest reading group. 

I then spent the summer getting ready for them.  I scoured Goodwill stores and thrift stores looking for frogs.  I wanted to make my room as inviting as possible by giving the students a cuddle buddy.

A few of my frog finds...

I call this pillow a "lily pad."
(I'm not sure how I've been gravitating toward frogs with my blog name and now in my just seems to have happened!  lol)
Now, I have frogs EVERYWHERE in my room.
I made pictures of all my frogs and all the places I wanted them to read in the room and put the into this chart along with their names.
I only change these each Monday.  Until I got these started last week, the students were just reading at seats or on the rug.  They were noisy and not reading.  Now???
When I took pictures today, they didn't even pay any attention to me they were so engrossed in reading.
I found this soft, fleece froggy blanket for only $3.00!!

It's cool to sit in the teacher's chair.

Got this nice little rug for two bucks!

I got 4 cloth placemats for $1.50.  Makes a nice little mat to sit on so they don't get dirty.

A few students sit at their seats.  I'm wanting to get some more items so they can get comfy on the floor!

A nice large green towel.

On another one of the placemats.
They LOVE sitting in my rocking chair and rocking while they read.

Cuddling with one of the big frogs.
A fuzzy pillow and a long legged frog!

Getting REALLY comfy with a big pillow.
Using the "lily pad" pillow to be comfy.
How do you make reading fun and comfortable in your room?


  1. Oh Cynthia, this is frog-tastic! I love it, and can completely understand your love for all things froggy! It is so nice to see your classroom, green is such a calming and creative color I think, so it will be perfect for your kids :) Thank you so much for sharing - I love your chart idea :)

  2. What a fun way to organize their spots!! If I were a kid in your class I would LOVE reading with the frogs! Mine hit 20 minutes of stamina on their read to self time on Wend which was their goal. So yesterday they earned a "stinky feet" read to self where they got to read with their shoes off. They were thrilled. Sometimes, it's the little things! lol Very happy to have found your blog!!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First