Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back in the Swing of Things

My kids and I are getting settled into a routine and getting used to each other.  Things seems to have calmed down, most testing is done (with the exception of DIBELS) which is being completed this week, and I am ready to go!

We've been working on the new standard for 2nd grade...working with numbers to 1,000 by counting, skip-counting, reading and writing the numbers.  My students had a ball working on these last week. 

I had severeal sentence strips with our previous standards listed on them.  They were a huge stack and I couldn't bring myself to just toss them (you know how we teachers are!), so, instead, I let my students paste their "Mini Hundreds Charts to 1,000" on them instead.
It took a little over 2 strips per student.  They really enjoyed getting to spread out all over the floor.

After they had them all pasted, we skip-counted by 5's, 10's and 100's to 1,000.  

As we skip-counted, we colored the numbers.

Here they are all finished.  These are going to be our "cheat sheets" to use tomorrow as we write numbers 1-1,000.  These had all the numbers filled in.
To get your own copy, click on the picture below. 
On the home front...remember, I can't stand to get rid of stuff!!!  :-(  So, when this firepit got the bottom busted out from a hail storm, I decided to make it into a flower pot!  Now, I've got a decorative, large, terra cotta flower pot in my flower bed.
I'm feeling pretty cool, calm and collected after the long weekend.
I am usually a SUPER organized teacher...just ask my co-workers!!  The first two weeks of school, I did NOT feel that way for some reason.  Maybe because of several changes I wasn't aware of when school first started.  However, I now feel back to where I like to be and I have the next month of lesson plans complete...YES...MUCH better!!!!

Check back often this week to see what all we're up to.  Are you back on an even-keel yet?


  1. Your students look so engaged and having fun! I am not feeling even keeled yet. Just finishing up testing of students so I can begin reading classes. :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. I need a few more weeks. I am organized too, but this year seems a bit more challenging.
    Skip counting looks like fun!
    My Second Sense